Happy Saturday bride and groom wanna be πŸ‘¨πŸ‘°
You guys who was born in 89, 90, 91, 92, 93 etc, join me to capture your bride and groom wanna be moment soon with cheap price πŸ‘ŒβœŒοΈ
Spread your love, and feel your romantic prewedding πŸ’ thankyou (feel free to delete this advertising) – with Verza, Herza, Irma, Syarief, Justian, Mila, anggunmomon, chikko., Sisca, Maha, Didit, Icha, Haris, Endang, Jhebhe, Yunita, Herlin Diah, Agung, Diah, Nurul, Evraa, dwi, Maya, Tria Fernanda Renaldi, Melly, andrean, Oktareza, Yayan, Rinjani, Fitri, Emil, Fenny, Bobby , ayie, Vivi, Fajri, AyuPutri, Yayak, Edo, angga, fransiska, Julian, Firtha, Reza, Imam , Firdiansyah, Rhara, Windi, Mamai, Vera, M. Riko, medy, Kiki, widya, Nur Ayu, Kunang, dinda, Ayu, Della Marda, Anindia, Muthoharoh, Firtha, Novia Pangestika, N.Lia, S8372, Bara, Henny, gustia, Dewi Sinta, Dona Oktarika, Mushowir, Ony, Wienda, Melinda, Denny Marda, alfarizirijie, Ayu Estri, Bella, Bobby , Yolanda Indah, Gustin, Anggun, Ichan, Efrizal, Ida, nanda, wisnuprawira, Ari, Yuri tathia, mora, fajarali, Reza, Iam, Anggun, Wyanda Ayu Herliany, Reza, Luny, Ferina, Anggi, Desy, Bayu, Indah, ICHA, Fery C, epry, AR, Ovi, Alhadi, Reza, and Lala

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